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Welcome & Congratulations!

I am delighted to offer unique, personalized wedding ceremonies, written just for you.  No two weddings are alike, just as no two couples are alike.  I am happy to create customized ceremonies for all kinds of marriages - gay, straight, multi-faith, multicultural, traditional or non-traditional - based entirely on your unique preferences, desires, and personalities.


What to Expect:

When you select me as your officiant, we will begin with an initial meeting, preferably in person, though skype and telephone are also options for individuals not located in the New York Area.  During our initial meeting, I will ask you many questions, and you will have time to ask me lots of questions as well.  This will help me get a better feel for who you are as a couple, and what you want your ceremony to convey.  During this initial meeting, you will have an opportunity to spend some time with me, and get a feel for who I am, and how I work. 

Once we agree to work together, you choose how you'd like to move forward.  We can begin by setting up your first premarital counseling session or jump right into planning your ceremony.  


As I write your ceremony, I always have you in mind.  The words and meaning I choose reflect what you have shared with me, and will be completely unique to you.​Once I have written the ceremony you will have plenty of time to edit it and know that it is truly yours.


As we draw near to your wedding day, I will check in with you via phone or email.  I'll make sure you have the required items (such as your marriage license and any ritual elements for your ceremony), and we will confirm your rehearsal and ceremony times.  I will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your ceremony (or earlier, if requested and agreed upon).

After your wedding ceremony, I will file your signed wedding license with the clerk's office, and you'll be legally wed!  Congratulations!

The Creative Process of Designing Your Wedding Ceremony:


The process of crafting your customized ceremony is a truly joyous one.  The only components of the ceremony that are required by law are the expressions of intent (the "I do"), and the pronouncement of marriage (which in movies often sounds like, "I now pronounce you husband and wife".)  I can pronounce you husband and wife, husband and husband, lifetime sweeties, partners for life...whatever feels best to you.  The whole ceremony, including these required elements, is highly customizable.


During your initial meeting, you will be asked if any particular rituals or readings stand out to you as elements you might like to incorporate.  If you are not familiar with any rituals (such as a sand or wine ritual, breaking of the glass, rose ceremony, or lighting of a unity candle), I will be happy to tell you about them and explore possible options with you.  I have a selection of readings available on this site, if you wish to include them but do not have specific readings in mind.  I'll also ask if you want to include any prayers or rituals from particular cultures or faith traditions, and how you do or do not want God, Spirit, the Divine woven into your wedding ceremony.  I will speak with you about your vows, and whether or not you want to write them or have them written for you.  From there, I'll begin an initial draft for your to review.  Together, we will fine-tune it until it's completely to your liking.


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